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Christopher Carter

CEO, Approyo


With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, I am a visionary and passionate leader who drives innovation and growth for Approyo, Inc.. This global company provides SAP and cloud solutions for enterprises. I have been recognized as a top business winner, an ACQ award recipient, an Inc. 500 and 5000 honorees, and a Forbes Coaches Council member for my achievements and expertise in the IT field. As the chairman and CEO of Approyo, I am focused on unlocking the power of data with AI and chatbots and delivering cutting-edge cloud computing services for SAP customers. I have been at the forefront of the technology revolution, creating the first SAP cloud ever used by a SAP client in 2005 and the first SAP HANA production cloud used by a blue-chip client. I am also a co-founder of Impala Ventures, an investment firm that supports startups and entrepreneurs in the IT sector. I am committed to building a culture of excellence, collaboration, and customer satisfaction at Approyo and beyond.

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Drew Lydecker

President & Co-Founder, AVANT Communications

AVANT Communications

Drew Lydecker is the President and Co-founder of AVANT Communications. Drew comes from a family of entrepreneurs who have continually pushed the envelope in disrupting the status quo by focusing on high value and high touch solutions. Drew built AVANT to fill a void in the market created by the accelerating pace of change in IT. Prior to this, Drew worked as a Voice & Data specialist at CDW where he played a key part in helping CDW become one of the largest telecommunications agents in the world.

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Alan Masarek

President and CEO, Avaya


Alan Masarek is President and Chief Executive Officer. He brings over 30 years of software and cloud-based business experience. Alan is an industry innovator with deep expertise in enterprise communications, information technology and business services. He most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Vonage Holdings Corp. In this role, which he held from November 2014 to June 2020, Alan led the company through an era of transformation from a VoIP-based residential phone provider into a global enterprise cloud communications company. Over the course of his tenure, Vonage completed eight acquisitions and its market capitalization increased severalfold. As importantly, Mr. Masarek led a revitalization of Vonage’s culture, creating a talent-driven organization with a culture of agility, technology innovation and customer centricity.Prior to Vonage, Alan served as Director, Chrome & Apps at Google, Inc. from June 2012 until October 2014, following Google’s acquisition of his prior company, Quickoffice, Inc. Alan was Co-founder and CEO of Quickoffice from June 2007 to June 2012. Under his leadership, Quickoffice became one of the world’s most widely used mobile productivity software solutions, engaging more than 26 million registered users at the time of Google’s purchase. Alan earned his M.B.A., with Distinction, from Harvard Business School and his B.B.A., magna cum laude, from the University of Georgia.


Chris Carr

Co-Founder, Black Land Ownership

Black Land Ownership

My work is intentionally disruptive and confrontational and does not meet racist or sexist ideology where it is. I believe in providing teams and individuals with the vocabulary and language necessary to have challenging conversations in a productive manner, reconcile conflict that arises and provide information around awareness of cultural biases as well as tools to mitigate bias. My work is not performative and its not a checklist of what to say in order to sound “woke”. I start by surveying the overall structure of a company and the specific companys culture in order to work in custom fashion with each institution, group or community. I stay away from generic templates and instead create a custom made analytical survey and a solution-based problem-solving protocol that is uniquely suited to the company, institution or groups needs.


Dipika Mirpuri

CEO, Brightpoint AI

Brightpoint AI

Dr. Dipika Mirpuri is a visionary leader and seasoned expert in the field of artificial intelligence. As the CEO of Brightpoint AI, she spearheads the companys innovative endeavors in AI, leading a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology. With a profound expertise in areas such as defect detection, document management, computer vision, and machine learning, Dr. Mirpuri is at the forefront of transforming industries through cutting-edge solutions. Her career is marked by a commitment to excellence, driving advancements that bridge the gap between human intelligence and technological innovation. Driven by a passion for leveraging AI for real-world impact, she has played a pivotal role in the development of groundbreaking solutions that optimize processes and enhance efficiency. Dr. Mirpuris leadership extends beyond the confines of her title, as she actively contributes to the discourse surrounding the responsible and ethical use of AI. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology, coupled with her dedication to creating a positive impact on society, establishes Dr. Dipika Mirpuri as a prominent figure in the realm of AI and leadership.


Roger Campbell

Sr. MOAT Principal Consultant, CDW


Roger started his career as a Reliability Engineer for proprietary DoD projects, where he became an early adopter and practitioner of software reliability engineering practices, characterizing full system engineering reliability aspects of mission critical software. He has worked with several companies, providing expertise in Software Quality, Release Management, DevOps, and automation, with focus on regulatory assessment, tool migration and consolidation, process improvement, and organizational change efforts. Passionate about enabling robust strategies, Roger trained project teams and performed well over 100 assessments for various companies across many industries to achieve desired maturity or regulatory business goals. With a strong desire to demystify regulatory language and change perceptions of regulatory activities from hoops to be jumped through into springboards for organizations to gain efficiencies, Roger holds patented solutions in cross referencing and measuring compliance against multiple models, such as CMMI, ISO, and Malcolm Baldrige. Roger engineered and was recognized with a special inventions award for s developed solution to assess software safety integrity levels for slight navigation software that could be a physical safety risk.


Tim McLain

Director of Marketing, Commio


A passionate technologist at heart with more than 25 years of marketing experience, Tim McLain, Commios Director of Marketing, loves using technology to help businesses solve problems and grow their bottom line. Tim is happiest brainstorming new approaches to marketing and communications to help Commios partners better understand, trust, and embrace our cloud communications solutions. Tim has helped bring four Internet startups to life since 1993, spent several years as a newspaper reporter and TV news producer, and boasts long marketing management stints at ProQuest and Netsertive, a Google Premier Partner. Tim holds a B.S. from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and has Hubspot, 6Sense, Google Ads, and many other marketing technology certifications. In his spare time, he loves shooting and editing video, spending time with his wife Debbie and son William, riding long distances on North Carolina’s amazing bike trails, and enjoying the darkest craft beer he can find.

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Jesse Tuttle

Chief Hacking Officer, Compliology


Jesse Tuttle, also known as Hackah Jak, is a worlds former most wanted hacker that has breached countless Fortune Companies, Foreign and Domestic Government and Military systems. Jesses past as a hacker has been analyzed in university case studies, textbooks, and research projects. His exploits have been reported in newspapers from New York to LA, across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He began his adventure to the dark side in 1994 by hacking his high school network. While searching online via dial-up BBS (bulletin board system) and newsgroups for hacking/phreaking tools, he discovered the world of pirated software (warez). Seeing an opportunity to provide warez to other students in his school, he took to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and AOL (America Online) where he joined as a distributor and then became a software cracker. By 1996, he had carved out a niche for himself, specializing in reverse engineering Microsoft products like Windows Operating Systems, Outlook, Exchange, and IIS Web Server. His expertise in cracking registrations and uncovering zero-day exploits earned him respect and invitations from several hacker communities. Jesse shared his zero-day discoveries and began applying them by hacking websites and other internet-connected systems. His reputation as an expert in Windows exploitation led p4ntera to invite him to join Hackweiser in 2000. With Hackweiser, Jesse provided zero-day exploits for trading within the community and participated in defacing web servers, aimed at social recognition, and boosting Hackweisers underground status. The post-9/11 era in 2001 marked a significant turn for Jesse. While leading a hacking movement to gather information related to al-Qaedas cyber army, he supplied this intelligence to the U.S. Government and Military. This collaboration resulted in Jesse being contracted to pen-test and secure government and military systems. Arrested in 2003, while working with the FBI to take down a human trafficking network in his hometown, he got caught in a jurisdictional dispute between local and federal law enforcement. This conflict led to a prolonged pre-trial house arrest of 4 years, 4 months, and 28 days, heavily impacting his personal life. To move on and prioritize his family, including his wife and young daughter, Jesse accepted a plea deal in December 2007, ending this difficult period. In 2010, Jesse resumed his professional pursuits, delving into freelancing and consulting. He expanded his skillset to include web application development and geolocation-based gaming activities by 2013. His expertise spans a broad range of areas, including but not limited to cybersecurity, hacking, web/software engineering, and data compliance. He has been trained as a Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, and Licensed Penetration Tester. Today, Jesse offers his broad experience and skills as a consultant and freelancer to a worldwide clientele, ranging from startups to Fortune-level enterprises.

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Reese Tuttle

Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer, Compliology


Reesë Tuttles journey in tech began under the guidance of a former world-famous Black Hat hacker - her father. Accepted to College at 13, she began her pursuit of a formal education in tech. She earned an Associate Degree at 16 then a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at 17. Additionally, she completed four more associate degrees and became a Certified Encryption Specialist, all before graduating from high school with a STEM Honors Diploma. Work experience was built interning at two Fortune 100 companies, The Kroger Company in IT Product Development and General Electric in Secure Cloud Dev-ops. She co-opted several semesters at a financial firm focusing on cyber security, encryption, and compliance. Additionally, she worked on a Freelancer.com Preferred team which was the focus of a Freelancer Blog Success Story. Compliology.com (for resellers) and ManagedComply.com (for the retail market) are startups specializing in Data Compliance and Cyber Security, providing an innovative solution based on her experiences along with collaborations from law firms, lenders, insurance providers, top tech experts, and seasoned bug-bounty - former black hat hackers. These platforms are designed to provide a framework that addresses the complex data compliance challenges presented by FTC Safeguards (GLBA), CMMC, IRS 4557, NIST, and other International, National, and State level data regulations and frameworks. Accolades include multiple Hackathon victories including Major League Hacking, several speaking engagements at conferences. She received US Presidential “President’s Volunteer Service Award” for developing web platforms for nonprofits. Contributions to the Ohio Department of Education in establishing pathways to professional certifications for students. Leadership roles in TechOlympics (the nations largest youth-run tech conference) and INTERalliance (a 501c3 nonprofit connecting companies with talented tech youths). In her free time, she enjoys being a violinist and an athlete. She has earned her black belt in Mixed Martial Arts, and recognition from US Lacrosse as All-Academic and First Team All-State Girls Lacrosse Goalie. As a passion project, she fully rewired a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. Currently, at 18, shes a 5th year Software Development student at the University of Cincinnati. Her senior project involves inventing a multifunctional 5G and LAN-connected IoT network device targeting MSPs. Connect with Reesë on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/reesebess/

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Ken Mills

CEO, Epic IO

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Oren Rosen

CEO, eProc Solutions

eProc Solutions

Oren Rosen is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with an expansive career that began in 1990, marking the start of a lifelong pursuit of innovation in the IT sector. His foundational roles in IT provided a solid base from which he gained a broad understanding of the operational and strategic facets of the industry. Throughout his career, Oren has played a vital role in developing multiple companies before honing in on his current venture. Oren leveraged his extensive experience to establish eProc Solutions, where he continues to drive forward advancements in IT support. As the CEO of eProc Solutions, Oren has been pioneering the development of the eProc Control Center, aiming to revolutionize IT team operations and boost organizational productivity. His vision has consistently focused on enhancing the efficiency of IT services, enabling rapid resolution of service tickets, and reducing the need for remote control interventions and ticket escalations. Orens commitment to eProc Solutions embodies his dedication to empowering IT departments, ensuring they can deliver swift and effective support essential for the success of modern enterprises. His strategic consultation services to large organizations reflect his deep understanding of their IT needs and his unique ability to translate his vast experience into actionable, cutting-edge solutions.

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Peter Graf

Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Genesys


Dr. Peter Graf is the Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Genesys. In his role, he is responsible for developing, communicating, sustaining and executing the Genesys strategy. He oversees strategy management, business development, business transformation and operations, information technology, sustainability, and executive and employee communications. Prior to joining Genesys in 2017, Peter held a variety of executive leadership positions in strategy, development, and marketing throughout his more than 25 years in the global enterprise software industry, most notably as an Executive Vice President at multinational software corporation SAP. Peter earned a doctorate in artificial intelligence from Saarland University and a master’s degree in computer science and economics from Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany.


Eric Vaughan

CEO, GFI Software / Ignite Tech

GFI Software / Ignite Tech

Eric Vaughan, CEO of IgniteTech and GFI Software, is a visionary leader at the forefront of the AI revolution. With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Vaughan has founded and led three software companies, demonstrating a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology. In recent years, Vaughan has become a vocal advocate for AI-first thinking, recognizing the urgency of this paradigm shift for businesses. He believes that AI is not just an exciting development but a necessity for companies to remain relevant in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. His passion for AI is not driven by mere excitement but by a deep-seated belief that if businesses do not adapt, they risk being left behind. Vaughans commitment to AI transformation is evident in his bold initiative of AI Mondays, where the entire company dedicates one day solely to Gen AI—no calls, no visits, just pure innovation. This initiative is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of AI and his commitment to driving its adoption within his companies. Vaughans journey is a testament to the urgency of adopting AI-first thinking and the transformative power of AI in business. His leadership and vision have positioned IgniteTech and GFI Software at the vanguard of the AI revolution, demonstrating the potential of AI to transform businesses and industries.


Dave George

CEO, Greenstar Marketing

Greenstar Marketing

Dave brings almost three decades of leadership and enterprise management in the telecommunications sector. Mutually beneficial relationships and company growth with strong client acquisition and positive client experience, as well as deep-seeded values-based leadership and team development have been a consistent factor in all of Daves professional endeavors. With a vision for a better way of offering telecommunications services, Dave began his involvement as General Manager with the family ILEC that was founded by his great grandfather in 1909. Under Dave’s leadership, Ironton Telephone quickly evolved from being a small rural telco to one of the fastest growing privately owned telecommunications companies in Pennsylvania. Dave was also instrumental in developing and enhancing the relationships of a large multi-county/two state fiber backbone ISP partnership (PenTeleData) with other telcos and cable companies. In 2009, seeing the emerging opportunities and evolution of telecom with a strong shift from premise to cloud services, Dave, as Chairman of the Board, founded Ironton Global, an ITSP, to offer next generation SIP, Hosted IP-PBX and converged UCaaS/CCaaS solutions. At the same time, Dave also identified a unique niche and founded Telzy, a business based on the deployment of a multi-lingual mobile app for iOS and Android, designed to deliver easy-to-use affordable and reliable international calling to over 180 countries around the world. In 2011, seeing a growing need to redefine the sales, marketing and consultative process for Enterprise and SMB Cloud Computing and Cloud Communications, Dave, as the “angel” investor, co-founded GreenStar Solutions, creating a business that was geared for the next evolution in Cloud and the continual improvement in the client experience. Twelve years later, GreenStar proudly continues its mission of assisting many service providers, vendors, distributors and carriers in the communications sector with their marketing and other telecom centric needs. In 2016, as Dave was traveling the United States and Canada, providing keynote and breakout session consultative sessions at various trade show events, he was courted to assist an emerging UC platform provider, NetSapiens. Initially a small consultative role, within a few short months Dave was requested by the ownership and management of NetSapiens to enhance his role and lead the company as Senior Vice President and General Manager of NetSapiens. For 6 years Dave was one of the key executive team leaders that quickly grew NetSapiens revenues, market share and presence by providing a solid business development plan, forward thinking sales and marketing initiatives and campaigns, and strong channel growth with customer experience and empathy as a core focus, and ultimately positioned the company to be acquired in June 2021 by Crexendo. Today, Dave proudly serves the GreenStar leadership and staff in fostering an energetic, enjoyable and collaborative culture, designed to create purpose for all within the organizations and an open ecosystem for our clients, thus enhancing the customer experience and increasing the value proposition. Outside of work, Dave serves on several technology and telecommunications advisory boards. He also enjoys teaching Jujutsu, Kempo, and Aikido at his own dojo ( www.lehighfukasakai.com ), sailing, scuba diving, the Lower Florida Keys and traveling with his wife Michelle, their three children, his extended family and new and life-long colleagues and friends.

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Arturo Guzman

Strategy - GTM Director, North America, HCL Tech

HCL Tech

I am pleased to introduce , Arturo Guzman who has joined HCLTech to develop and support the GTM and sales strategy for Nippon’s Hybrid workforce solution in North America. Arturo has joined us with 30 total years of professional experiences in both corporate and private sectors, the first 13 years of which has been as a business proprietor and General Manager for his family’s 4th generation automotive recycling company est. in 1980. His automotive business was covering domestic and international revenue activities with the support of over 15 employees. The domains of his responsibilities were director of operations, investments, supply chain sourcing, marketing, employee development - relations, financial - accounting activities, & oversight of all regulatory compliances across a variety of government agencies. The last 17 years of his career has been in the corporate sector working for companies such as SAP, ADP, Workday, and IBI to support large global enterprise organizations with a variety of platform transformation and modernization projects. He has extensive experience as a trusted advisor with varieties of PaaS & SaaS solutions like HCM, ERP, Business Intelligence, cloud migrations, process automations, enterprise performance management, Data Management, API Integration Solutions, UX, CX, and EX. He has extensive experience in formulating GTM strategies for sales optimization with targeted markets, operational cost / revenue analysis, workshop discovery sessions, business case evaluations, solutions alignment with business value propositions on multi-million-dollar transformation projects. Over the years he has collaborated very closely with the following types of teams to support the overall evaluation process: SE’s, SI’s, PM’s, MSP’s, HRBP’s, BDR’s, Enterprise Architects, Channel Partners, Cloud Service Providers, and Implementation partners. Please join me in Welcoming Arturo to the HCLTech family and all the best in his new role. I request you to share this mail with your teams and please encourage them to connect with Arturo.

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Kate Soule

Program Director for Generative AI Research, IBM


Large Language Models and other Generative AI technologies. Prior to her current role at IBM Research, Kate was a leader at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, a joint research partnership between MIT and IBM Research; Kate ran the Lab’s corporate membership program, supporting industry members as they co-invested in the Lab’s AI research technologies. Kate earned her MBA at MIT Sloan and previously worked at Deloitte Consulting as a Senior Consultant within the Strategy and Operations practice. Kate also holds a B.S. in Statistics from Cornell University


Frank Fawzi

CEO, IntelePeer


Frank is the President and Chief Executive Officer at IntelePeer. He has been a guiding force in driving the company’s growth and achieving its mission to become a dominant force in the AI-driven Communications Automation Platforms market. With IntelePeer’s platform, businesses can solve for the automation needs of both the enterprise contact center as well as the specific needs of regional and local offices. The Company’s platform lowers the cost of doing business while improving customer experience and accelerating ROI. Frank founded and grew CommTech Corporation between 1990 and 2001 to be an early leader in the communications software sector before selling the company to ADC, a leading provider of broadband solutions for the telecommunications industry, for $178 million. Prior to founding CommTech, he worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories as the lead data communications architect for a $1.4B winning bid to the IRS.? Frank received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and participated in the Wharton Executive Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He was also selected as a QuantumShift’s Top Entrepreneurs in America for 2017 by KPMG’s Private Markets Group and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.


Matt Edic

Chief eXperience Officer, IntelePeer


Matt serves as the Chief Experience Officer. In this role, he and his team ensure the highest level of support in customer interactions. Previously, Matt served as Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Vice President, Enterprise Sales and Business Development for IntelePeer. Matt brings to IntelePeer more than 20 years of leadership experience and a strong passion for serving customers, continuous improvement, and teamwork. Prior to IntelePeer, Matt worked for NexTone, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and Qwest Communications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.


Brian Sathianathan

CTO & Co-Founder, Iterate.ai


Brian Sathianathan is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Iterate.ai, whose Interplay platform is used by enterprises to develop low-code AI applications. Previously, Sathianathan worked at Apple on various emerging technology projects that included the Mac operating system and the first iPhone.


Ryan Ries

Chief Data Science Strategist, Mission Cloud

Mission Cloud

Dr. Ryan Ries holds over 15 years of leadership experience in data and engineering, over 20 years of experience working with AI and 5+ years helping customers build their AWS data infrastructure and AI models. After earning his Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry at UCLA and Caltech, Dr. Ries has helped develop cutting-edge data solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and a myriad of Fortune 500 companies.


Alexandra Ilinska

Development & Delivery Advisor, MobiDev


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Xenia Potiakova

Head of Business Development, MobiDev

Kumaran Ponnambalam

Principal Engineer, AI, Outshift by Cisco

Outshift by Cisco

Kumaran Ponnambalam is a technology leader with 20+ years of experience in AI, Big Data, Data Processing & Analytics. His focus is on creating robust, scalable AI models and services to drive effective business solutions. He is currently leading AI initiatives in the Emerging Technologies & Incubation Group in Cisco. In his previous roles, he has built data pipelines, analytics, integrations, and conversational bots around customer engagement. He has also authored several courses on the LinkedIn Learning Platform in AI and Big Data.


Alan Finlay

Co-founder & Head of Product, OvationCXM


Alan Finlay, co-founder and head of product at OvationCXM, is driven by a passion for creating software that elevates customer experiences – both for customers and the internal teams that deliver them. Prior to OvationCXM, Alan worked at TPG and Goldman Sachs where he launched global investment products. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Commerce. Alan now lives in San Francisco with his wife, two boys, and dog.


Alexis Quintal

CEO, Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective

Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective

Alexis Quintal is the owner and CEO of Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective. She has more than 10 years of experience in sales management and director-level media roles at high-profile institutions like Walmart Media Group and Newswire. In 2020, she left the corporate world on a mission to help level the competitive playing field between large companies and new business owners. The result was Rosarium — a company that scales world-class marketing communications solutions to be accessible and affordable for startups of all sizes. Alexis’ goal is to make more entrepreneurs by making it easier to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Michael Arsov

VP Enterprise Sales, Rumble Cloud

Rumble Cloud

Michael Arsov joined Rumble on Dec 2023 as the VP of Cloud Sales and Enterprise Account Management. Formerly at Nokia for over 10 years, he held diverse roles, including:Procurement Manager for North America responsible for sourcing of network implementation materials and development of short-term and long-term roadmap for assessing and anointing strategic suppliers;Head of Supplier Innovation Execution where he led development of end-to-end solutions through strategic partnerships;Senior Transformation Manager at Nokia’s Global Transformation Group, leading teams and programs around the world, focused on improving operational efficiencies, supply chain optimization, revenue generation, go-to-market approach strategy. At his last role as Sales Program Director, Mr. Arsov led the global sales digital transformation and the overall go-to-market sales transformation.Mr. Arsov holds an M.S. in Project Management from Boston University and a B.S in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.

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Anant Singh

VP Sales, Sanas


Anant Singh, VP of Global Sales at Sanas.AI is a seasoned sales executive and AI evangelistwith over 15 years of experience in driving revenue growth and building high-performing dreamteams. At Sanas.AI, Anant is responsible for game-changing sales strategies to drive marketpenetration and skyrocket revenue streams. With a proven track record of crushing sales targetsand fostering strong client relationships, Anant brings a dynamic leadership style coupled with adeep understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. Prior to joining Sanas.AI, Anantheld senior sales roles at Observe.AI and Akamai Technologies where he consistently deliveredexceptional results and played a key role in driving business expansion.


Stephen Kowski

CTO, SlashNext


J Stephen Kowski is an accomplished Global Sales & Technical Leader with a rich background in information technology, cybersecurity, and engineering consulting. With expertise spanning enterprise IT, strategic leadership, and technical innovation, he has significantly contributed to the fields of sales technology and cybersecurity through roles such as Field CTO and Director of Solutions Engineering. Stephens multifaceted career is marked by his ability to bridge technology and business needs, enhancing organizational capabilities in cybersecurity and beyond.


Bill McClain

CEO, Stratus Dial

Stratus Dial

Bill McClain is an experienced telecommunications provider and VOIP cloud-based phonesystems expert who focuses on creating customized IT, cybersecurity and computer networkingsolutions. With over 35 years of experience & a customer-first approach, he offers reliable,tailored solutions to keep businesses up-to-date and optimized with their tech.


Jay Cann

CTO, Synoptek


As the CTO of CX at Synoptek, Jay Cann is a pioneering force in the realm of technology and its application to enhance customer experiences. With an exceptional career spanning three decades, Jay brings unparalleled expertise in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology. As a founding member of Macquarium(now a Synoptek company), he has a rich history of guiding technological innovation to align with organizational goals. In his role at Synoptek, Jay not only leads the adoption of emerging technologies but also plays a pivotal role in AI leadership. He is instrumental in utilizing artificial intelligence to create personalized, intelligent customer experiences that differentiate Synoptek in the market. With a keen eye on industry trends and developments, Jay consistently identifies opportunities to leverage new technologies for the benefit of Synoptek and its clientele. His client experience includes Southern Company, Krispy Kreme, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Char-broil, Cummins, The Weather Channel, The Home Depot, Lockheed-Martin, and the US Mint. As a national lecturer, Jay frequently shares his knowledge on technology, development strategies, and AI-driven customer experience innovations.

Keynote Presentation

Dan Foster

CRO, Telarus


Dan Foster is the chief revenue officer for Telarus. Dan, an inspirational and visionary leader, has provided market expertise to strategize and define opportunities that maximize revenue and shareholder return for multiple organizations. In his previous role at Ericsson, he pioneered the entry into the North America partner channel. In his more than 25 years of senior leadership experience in technology and data communications, Dan held the title of CRO at StratusWorX, Fusion Connect, Primus.ca, and two other companies. Under Dan’s stewardship as President and COO of MegaPath, the organization experienced exponential growth from $5 million to over $600 million via organic development and acquisitions. He has garnered industry recognition and awards throughout his career including being a five-time winner of Channel Chief by CRN. Dan received dual engineering and liberal arts degrees from Tufts University and graduated from Harvard Business Schools Executive PMD program.

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Jason Hyatt

GM Americas and VP of Sales, Telco Systems

Telco Systems

Jason Hyatt is General Manager and Vice President of Sales for Telco Systems in North America and Latin America. Jason leverages his 20+ years of experience across both the service provider (MCI Worldcom and Lumen) and technology (Calix, Cyan, and Ericsson) domains to build teams that grow shareholder and customer value through enabling broadband connectivity solutions for global communication.

Keynote Presentation

Rob Stephenson

CEO, Thrive

Dan Rosenrauch

CEO, Viirtue


Daniel is a thought leader and industry innovator who delivers mindful, high-energy sessions that spark creative thought from both his audiences and co-panelists. Using first-hand accounts from his real-world experience, Rosenrauch raises awareness on how small business owners can achieve success by delivering value. Daniel is considered an expert speaker on all things telecom.

Keynote Presentation

Aruna Ravichandran

SVP & Chief Marketing & Customer Officer, Webex by Cisco

Webex by Cisco

Aruna Ravichandran, SVP and Chief Marketing & Customer Officer for Webex by Cisco, is a visionary leader with over two decades of dynamic experience weaving technology and marketing into a powerful tapestry to drive revenue, elevate brand value, and foster human connections. With a people-first ethos, she guides the business toward innovation and brand evolution while shaping culture through inclusive initiatives and empathetic leadership. Aruna was recently recognized as one of the Elite 18 Customer-Led CMOs by Influitive and named UC Today’s Collaboration Leader of the Year. Before joining Cisco, Aruna led DevOps Marketing at CA Technologies (now Broadcom), spearheaded marketing and strategy at Juniper Networks, and held leadership roles in Engineering, Product Development, and Marketing during her 17-year tenure at Hewlett Packard. Aruna holds an MBA and an MS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and a BS in Computer Science from Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT). She graduated from the esteemed CMO Leadership program at Kellogg Business School in 2019. Aruna also serves on the board at Cal Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, Fast Company, Forbes Technology Council, and Vox Media.


Tristan Barnum

CMO, Wildfire Systems

Wildfire Systems

Tristan has a deep love of learning and is passionate about technology startups. She heads up marketing at Wildfire Systems and their latest project, RevenueEngine.ai . She previously co-founded IoT Analytics company, Tellient and was CMO at Telcentris. In 2004 Tristan co-founded IP PBX maker, Switchvox, now part of Sangoma. Before founding Switchvox, she led UX for special projects at MP3.com, acquired by Vivendi Universal.


Diego Gosmar

Chief AI Officer, XCALLY


Successful international speaker, Diego Gosmar is a Chief Innovation Evangelist and expert about Artificial Intelligence, with particular focus on NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Insight AI and Generative Conversational AI models. Diego is Ambassador of the Open Voice Network Linux Foundation, a no-profit San Francisco and International organization, dedicated to the definition of standards and guidelines for Conversational AI ethical and responsible use. He is also the author of this Machine Learning Book available in multiple languages:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GFL6NVM. He has been a trainer and speaker in the last ten years for several international events about innovation Telco technologies and AI. Here it is a list of Diego’s speeches: https://www.gosmar.eu/index.html#events. Diego has also led the international expansion of the XCALLY AI-Driven omnichannel software solution, reaching over 60 countries worldwide, managing partners and hundreds of customers scattered from Singapore to the Middle East and Japan, Europe, South Africa, United States, Brazil, and more. He is also the Head of AI Advisor for several start-ups and Mentor at the I3P, the Polytechnic University of Turin Innovative Companies Incubator.

Keynote Presentation

Raghu Ravinutala

CEO, Yellow AI

Yellow AI

Raghu Ravinutala is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yellow.ai, a global leader in generative AI-powered customer service automation. Since its inception, Raghu and his team have successfully expanded Yellow.ai’s presence across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, with 1000+ customers in 85+ countries. The entrepreneurial bug had been conceded deep inside him for long before he co-founded Yellow.ai in 2016, with a vision to deliver conversational experiences that help enterprises achieve higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Previously, Raghu worked for 16 years with leading tech companies such as Texas Instruments, and Broadcom across leadership roles in Engineering, Product Management and Business Development both in the Bay Area and India. He was also an elected member of the NASSCOM Executive Council 2021-23 and a member of the Forbes Tech Council. Raghu has been recognized as the one of the top 50 SaaS CEOs 2023 by The Software Report and CX Leader of the Year at the CX Awards 2022. Raghu is an alumni of NIT Warangal, India where he completed his B-Tech in the year 2000. He enjoys a game of squash every now and then and believes in practicing an active lifestyle.


Moderator List

Bill Miller (Moderator)

CEO & Owner, Beelinebill Enterprises

Beelinebill Enterprises

Bill Miller provides personalized services to founders, aspiring CEOs, and small and medium-sized company CEOs as an executive advisor, mentor, and coach. He is the author of the 2-time award-winning The Rookie CEO, You Cant Make This Stuff Up! He uses a framework he created to guide how people will lead, the culture they will create, and how they can deliver operational excellence for growth and profitability. As a senior executive who has led Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning and Alliances, Development, and Operations in the past 30 years in companies of all sizes, including both venture-backed and privately funded early-stage startups to multi-billion-dollar multinational companies, his experience behind the scenes provides insight and value.


Jeff Dworkin (Moderator)

Managing Director, Cloud Voice Alliance

Cloud Voice Alliance

Jeff is a proven B2B marketing executive with a strong track record of delivering growth through multiple environments, including electronic, social, and traditional marketing programs. His Horizontally Integrated Marketing process uses Marketing Automation, Analytics, and elements of content, product, and traditional marketing to collect and analyze all the data generated along the Customer Journey from acquisition to sale. This data is used to determine precisely which activities generate real customers and which activities should be modified or retired. For the past decade, Jeff has consulted with several companies, helping them to grow both their user and channel partner base, driving record increases in top-line revenue. Previously, Jeff was the Director of Marketing for Sangoma Technologies, where he led the selection and implementation of a Marketing Automation Platform and used a variety of programs to create over 100,000 net new prospects and 140% growth in Marketing Qualified Leads. Prior to Sangoma, Jeff was enterprise marketing manager with Dialogic. In that role, he created and managed the market strategy for Dialogic’s Open Source, Fax, Fax-Over-IP and IVVR Markets. Before Dialogic, Jeff held executive product management and business development positions with several technology firms. He founded iFace.com, which was acquired by Rare Medium (Nasdaq:RRRR). Jeff holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and started in the technology sector nearly 30 years ago as an IVR developer. He has an extensive background in technology, product management, and marketing.


Peter Radizeski (Moderator)

President, RAD-INFO INC


Peter Radizeski is an accomplished blogger, author, agent and consultant in the telecom industry. He has helped many telecommunications companies with sales training, marketing, channel development and business strategy. He is a trusted source of knowledge about the telecom sector.






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